RHD Auto Design billet power steering kit for the Nissan skyline R32,33,34. Our universal kit allows the installer to allign the power steering pulley with any RB 4 rib harmonic damper. This adjustment not only allows the use of multiple dampers, but also alleviates the possibilities of shredding or throwing a belt. This is a non hicas application. Adjustments are required during installation.


"This kit does not fit 3 rib Pulley"

---------This kit requires the use of an OEM tensioner bracket & may require the use of washers on the tensioner to offset the allignment between 32,33,34 harmonic dampers. Reservoir hose is cut to fit for OEM R32 reservoir----------

Nissan Skyline R32,33,34 Billet (NON HICAS) Power Steering Kit

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